About Us

Hello Friends

Fit4Hit welcomes you friends, the sole aim to create this website to help the people by sharing our view and experience about the different verticals of life, like health, technology, education, business etc.

Why the name fit4hit ? everybody wants to grow with good health and good wealth, so if you want to become hit in your area than you must have to be fit in terms of health and wealth.

About Health: Friends our health is the most important part of our life and good health is the greatest blessing of life. If we are healthy than we can enjoy our life. We can see lots of example in our day to day life, the richest man with bad health always suffers, He(s) always pray for good health and he is unhappy in spite of his great wealth. Keeping this in mind, I always prefer my health, and I want you to pay attention to this.
In this endeavor I want to share all my experiences through this website. I this section, I cover home made Ayurvedic remedies and Yoga practices.

About Technology: Friends, we can not ignore technology in our day to day life, it is also the important part of our life, we must know what is going on in this sector.  So i will try to share my knowledge & experience.

About Me: My name is Saurabh Tyagi, I born in District  Ghaziabad, UP. I have completed my study there, having a master degree in computer science. By profession I am a software engineer. I created this website, and trying my best to share my knowledge and experience.

I have created my youtube channel fit4hit as well.